Brick Barn is a Respectful, Family Friendly Environment

(No fighting, swearing, yelling, bullying, rough play, throwing, hazardous behavior, etc…)

Under 15’s MUST be Supervised by a Responsible Adult

(We highly encourage all accompanying adults to join in with the Creative Play – It’s FREE)

All Playing Customers MUST Sign a Liability Waiver

(Signing Adults assume full responsibility and liability for minors playing at the Brick Barn)

Strongly Recommend Creative Play for Ages 5+ Only

(Lego is a known choking hazard and Lego System bricks are not suitable for those under 5)

Do Not Climb On or Grab Lego Bins From Wall Shelves or Displays

(Please Ask a Staff member for assistance with any Lego found on the Wall Shelves or Displays)

Absolutely No Food or Drink While Handling Lego

(“Please Keep Your Hands Clean to Keep All Our Bricks Pristine!”)

Absolutely No Shoes on the Creative Carpet

(Socks are REQUIRED. Obviously, you cannot pass our Bridgekeeper without them!)

(Update: Brick Barn now has socks available in case you forget yours 🙂 )

Please Do Not Share Your Diseases or Parasites

(If you are sick or unwell please stay at home.)

Rule Breakers Will Be Asked to Leave Immediately

(Brick Barn is a place of sharing, creativity and FUN! We ask that you respect this.)

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