June 13, 2016

Request To Build Process

Just follow these 5 simple steps!

Step 1 - Browse through our huge collection of Lego

There are over 500 unique sets at the Brick Barn from 4 decades of Lego production and we make it super easy for you to build and play with any and all of them.

Step 2 - Discover that awesome set you really, really want to experience building

Is there a nostalgic set you missed when you were a kid? Is there a set released this year that you would love to try before you buy it for your own collection? Is there a massive lego set you have always wanted to tackle?

Step 3 - Email the Brick Barn and tell us your name, the set's number and date you want to build it



Our excellent staff members will quickly get to work finding all the parts necessary to build your set and place them in a bin just for you. Please be patient as this process may take a week or more depending on the number of bricks needed for the set. We will contact you when the set is ready.

Step 4 - Show up at the Brick Barn on your build day, grab your bin of bricks, find a spot in our creativity space and have fun

Don't forget the posted Set Fee is in addition to applicable Admission Rates. You will still be required to pay the session, daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Step 5 - Once you are finished return the set fully built to a staff member

You do have exclusive access to the set for 2 weeks (4 weeks for Members) so don't worry if you need more time to build the set.  When you are done for the day, ask a staff member to Save It For Later. With every return visit you will extend your Save It For Later time period! However, should you not return, or fail to notify our staff of delays, the set will be sorted back into the collection for others to build.

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