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Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

May 13, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Today a Stormtrooper oversaw the creation of a number of Star Wars themed worlds.



First we had the bridge of a Star Destroyer including an elevated walkway between two pits of computer terminals.  Rebel soldiers have infiltrated the bridge and are trying to save the prisoner.  With Darth Vader there I doubt they will have much success.



We also recreated a scene from the battle of Hoth.  The Snowspeeder pilots are running to their ships.  Speaking of which we should have our own USC T-47 land at the Brick Barn next week!



There is also Kylo Ren’s arrival on Jakku.  But with Poe piloting a striking blue and grey X-wing.



Apparently, a witch’s hut was caught in the ensuing firefight!



We also created a scene from inside a Venator starship complete with Yoda leaving in a prototype Tie Fighter and Obi-Wan’s Republic Gunship in the hanger.  Several droids have blasted their way into the hanger!




And finally, to address rumors that Snoke in the new trilogy is in fact Jar Jar Binks… well we may have some proof.  See below, Jar Jar has a red lightsabre and has obviously joined the dark side!  With Golum(s) apparently…  Look out world.



It was fun this afternoon helping to recreate Star Wars scenes especially when we have enough characters to do it!  I think the next step will be to try a bit of our own animation fun.  Hopefully, in a few weeks I might be able to unveil a little stop motion animation station for the Brick Barn and let guests give it a try.  I’ll let you know if all goes well!

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