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Ahoy! Creative Building Ahead

March 23, 2017 Uncategorized 0

We’ve had some wonderful creativity so far in March.  I was going to announce a Minecraft March Madness earlier, but the sets only just arrived this week.  So I think it will be Multiple Minecraft Months instead.  For March and April all our Minecraft sets are free to build during Drop In.  I am also building my own Minecraft landscape which I hope to have done before the end of April.

Several kids built some really cool stuff especially during our Book Ahead sessions where a they have fun accessing the more specific parts in the collection.  For example there were scary dragons:




Adventures in microfigureland:



A Star Wars scene between Darth Maul and Obi Wan:



And a cool house with roof top patio!



One young man really went all out in our collection and created a wonderful three masted tall ship:



Crawling with Imperial troops and bristling with cannons:




The ship was accompanied by a volcanic island and I hope in the near future a pirate ship will suddenly appear on the horizon:



One young lady took advantage of all the open bins to try her own hand at ship building creating a viking long ship with a prison room:



There is lots more to come this month.  It has been super fun so far!

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