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Great Lego Sets and a Story

March 22, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Olivia was sitting at her work bench pondering her schematics for robot assembly when there was a knock at the door. Finally, her box of robot parts had arrived. She ripped open the box excitedly.



In the box there was everything she needed to create three awesome little robots.  The kit even came complete with a charging station.  Now she had robots to bring her mugs of milk, robots to fix other robots when they broke down but most importantly robots to have fun with!



Back at her workbench Olivia again started dreaming up new ideas.  The little robots buzzed and beeped around her.  A knock at the door signaled new boxes for a whole new robot design.  Big Blue was born!  (“Best set of the year so far,” adds the narrator.  “Excellent build with tracks and a light brick!  I highly recommend Creator set 31062”)



Big Blue loved his little buddies and was constantly curious.  He would check out everything in the lab.  But because he was so big Olivia felt he might need a friend his own size.  So she placed yet another order for a big box of parts.  Knock Knock!  And after a few hours of careful assembly TA DA!



But then Olivia discovered her new design was already patented by the Disney Corporation.  Boo…

Undeterred and hoping to get a friend for Big Blue to play with Olivia designed on last robot…  Colossus!



Hmm…  I think she needs a bigger workshop!



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