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Big Technic Lego Brains

March 19, 2017 Uncategorized 0

So I don’t build a lot of Technic Sets.  Not because of the intricate building, but just that I’m not that interested in mechanical stuff… however – as I do own a Lego Shop it seemed like a prudent idea to acquire Lego’s largest Technic Set Ever!  So I purchased 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator.  3927 pieces!  Of which there are 724 little black pins!  And the manual is 550 pages!



Yes… a lot of pins… and that’s just the first bag!



The first bag made the little dump truck and the second bag made the base of the excavator.



There were a total of 3 bags of track pieces for the movement and the conveyor belts…  There will be some fun things we can do with that track later.





After bag 3 (and about 4 hours) we had the sides on.



Bag four created the swinging dump arm to remove debris from the hopper to the dump truck.  Later I discovered the control switch on back allowed the arm to remain fixed as the excavator turned or float free to hover over one location (some fancy gearing inside to work that feature).



Bag 5 (now at hour 6) got me a mechanical arm replacement.



And a control board with one massive motor (although it turns out not massive enough for this monster set)!



With the arm attached to the rest of the build:



The trim was all that was left in bag 7!



One completed (but sadly underpowered) Bucket Wheel Excavator.  Check out the few videos of its digging below:


Bucket Turning

Conveyor Belt

Dumping Arm

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