February Wrap Up

The year’s shortest month zipped past pretty quickly! While most people were focused on winning the Batman Contest we still had a few creative souls daring to tame the Massive Pile (click on the picture for a larger version).

There were a few cool scenes constructed including:


Day at the Beach!  Careful of that snake…


An Elephant playing in his watering hole.


As well as a history museum complete with a Mummy display!



There was the monochromatic:






And the always entertaining wacky vehicle:



Even a peaceful tree ended up on our display shelves:


I could sure enjoy a peaceful afternoon nap under it!



But as I mentioned it was almost all Batman all month.  With a total of 17 completed builds and another 6 left unfinished.  Each of the models require a lot of Lego technical skills as they are all detailed and complex! For those three builders who built the most sets you have earned a Mini Batwing Polybag!



Congratulations to our winners:  Adam (4 models), Blake (3 models), and Jane (3 models)!



We are also having an Hours Change starting March 1st!  We are no longer offering Drop-In Hours on Tuesday nights.  However, if you still have that urge to build a set or two Tuesday night, you still can but please Book Ahead either on our website Here or message via Facebook (@brickbarnpei) or leave us a message at 902-330-5056 and we will get back to you to confirm your time slot!

We are currently working on an exciting March idea so stay tuned for another month of creative FUN at the Brick Barn!  See you all soon.

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