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The Lego Batman Movie Contest

January 31, 2017 Uncategorized 0

It’s nearly February and every Lego fan knows February 10th is The Lego Batman Movie release day!  I’m optimistic the movie will be able to recapture some of the magic of its wonderful predecessor The Lego Movie where Everything was Awesome!

To celebrate the new movie, the Brick Barn is running a building contest for the Month of February.  We have in shop 6 of the new Lego Batman Movie sets:



All 6 sets are free for all to build for February (even if you are not trying to win the contest).  You will get to build Mr. Freeze:



The Riddler:



The Penguin:



The Joker:



Clay Face:



And as an extra bonus, whoever finishes all 5 of the above models first will be able to do the unboxing of Batman’s Scuttler:



You must complete each model while at the shop (I will not be allowing Save For Later privileges for these sets for February).  The first three builders to complete all 6 models (or make it the farthest as there are 2500 bricks to be built!) will win a mini Batwing!



The sets are ready to go in the shop.  Contest starts February 1st and will close on February 28th!  May the building commence.


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