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A Busy Weekend

January 22, 2017 Uncategorized 0

It was a wonderfully creative buildy kind of weekend.  I completed the beautiful 4000+ brick Assembly Square to add to our Expert Line cityscape of modular buildings!



There are so many details you need to check out in person.  From the mini train table with mountain tunnel, a working futon and a miniature Lego Set to the various shops including a dentist, florist and coffee shop!  It’s definitely worth a look.

We also had many kids in creating cool ideas from the Massive Pile.  Including a remake of the Simpson’s House!


Complete with a stable.



A cute house with a bed, table, oven, and some indoor flowers.



A really great fortress.



Complete with protected treasure chest.



As well as a wind-up vehicle which I kind of felt reminded me of Batman’s Tumbler!



Which is funny because later on that fortress was repurposed by another visitor into The Bat Cave!



Now speaking of Batman – Next month is the release of the new Lego Movie: Batman!  February 10th!  I’m looking forward to it and to celebrate we are going to have a brand new contest.  Just like in October when we asked guests to build as many of our Monster Fighter Sets as they could, we are now asking you to try to build all of our Lego Batman Movie Sets!  On the way to the shop right now are:


Mr. Freeze


The Riddler


The Joker


Clay Face




and… The Scuttler


Be one of the first three to complete all 6 models and you will win:


A Mini Batwing Model


That is over 2400 Bricks of Batman FUN!  So we hope to see a bunch of you in February competing for the prizes.

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