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2017 Rearrangement

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Our first week of the New Year is already finished!  We spent the week with several wonderful guests including a FUN birthday party today!  We also disassembled the Christmas display and rearranged some furniture to meet the needs of some of our builders.

With the Christmas Village gone, we had a lot more space again by the entrance so I was able to provide a better and less cluttered space to save and display guest creations from the Massive Pile!



The main display shelf will remain a location to show off guest built Lego Sets.



While my desk will display MOCs (My Own Creations), including Green Gables (I hope you all voted at!)  and other larger sets as needed.

We also created a corner with a nice large solid surface for those builders who want more stability under the models, without having to sit at the table and chairs.  This will make it a lot easier to work with baseplates or other larger structures from the comfort of the carpeted floor!



We had a great week of Lego set building!  Some of the highlights include:


Ragana’s Castle


SpongeBob and Patrick… and oh yes and Plankton


My favorite 90’s prop plane


Poe Damon’s X-wing and the return of Power Miners!


As well as the Tie Striker which is a beautiful model from the Rogue 1 lineup – A must see!


We are also starting something new for our Tuesday night Drop-In Hours from 4Pm until 8PM.  Each week we will offer a Set Of the Week which is a brand new still in the box model.  One lucky guest will be able to unboxed and build the set at the Barn.  It might be a new Minecraft set.  Or perhaps an Architectural Set.  Maybe it will be Elsa’s Ice Palace which is currently on its way to the shop!  Set of the Week will be on a first come first served bases.  So plan to come early Tuesday evenings to get your hands on a new set with all the bags intact (I might even let you put on some stickers :-0).

The Set of the Week for January 10th is:


21127 The Minecraft Fortress


One more little change on the way.  We will be replacing our Monthly Membership program in 2017 with a more flexible option called the Multi-Pass (see the Fifth Element for the reference).  It will be available in two flavors depending on your needs:





Multi-Pass is simple.  You purchase a card of choice and when the cardholder visits the Brick Barn we will punch out 1 Brick, if you are during Drop-In hours, or 2 Bricks, if you are during Book Ahead hours.  Mix and match your visits as you wish.  The Multi-Pass 5 will be $25 dollars and the Multi-Pass 10 will be $50.  Both provide 15% discount from our regular Drop-In rates.  Multi-Pass can also be used during Group visits.  We hope to have these cards in the shop within a week or two.

Multi-Pass cards would also make great gifts, just like our FREE Day Pass cards, for aspiring Master Builders of all ages in your life.  The best part: these cards don’t expire!  As long as there is a Brick Barn, I will punch your Multi-Pass Bricks!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year here at Brick Barn and hope you will include us in your Family Outings, Special Parties or Serious Play!  I look forward to seeing your creativity.

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  1. Mom of a Master Builder says:

    The multi pass is a awesome idea! Hoping summer will bring a different pass or I will be broke hahah😄

    • ChiefBrick says:

      I can’t take credit for the pass idea. A good friend of mine suggested it one day over the holidays and it just seemed to make good sense. Cards are on order.

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