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Have a Wonderful 2017!

December 31, 2016 Uncategorized 1

Have a very Happy New Year everyone.  Thank you for joining us at the Brick Barn in 2016.  Your support of our business is beyond appreciated.  You are helping me live a dream come true.

Our Barn was filled with creativity from day one this summer and I can’t wait to see what you will build in 2017.  Here is a round up of some of the creations and sets that were made during the holidays! (click on the image for a closer view)


Rapunzel and her Prince Apu!?


A pizza truck (yum) complete with slices of pizza!…


Wait… I think the guy with the slice of pizza is suppose to be in the hotdog suit over at the next set?!  It’s not your lunch break yet!


And a hotdog van both popped up during the holidays.


Another excellent set from the Friends line.


One of the guests built the very slick and detailed Lego fishing boat.



Two young guests collaborated on an unknown complex.  They wouldn’t say what it was but given it has a shark tank, tower, a getaway rocket ship and a lot of secrecy, I’m thinking it’s a nefarious character’s hideout!


Notice the square landscape built by an AFOL months ago is still going strong!


And we have had two great MOCs, built completely from bricks in the massive pile, by one of our regular AFOLs!  Both are definitely worth a look before they find their way into the hands of young admiring, playing guests!




Thank you all for your community spirit and support.  Anne (Lego Ideas) is still going strong with over 1300 votes now.  At this rate we should see our 10,000 well before the next review in May!  Please keep sharing it to every Anne Fan you can find!  🙂

We will be open tomorrow for our usual Sunday Drop-In hours of noon-8PM.  Book Ahead slots are starting to fill up, especially for coveted Saturday Birthday Parties!

I really can’t wait to see everything you create at the Brick Barn in 2017!  Best Wishes Everyone!

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  1. Chantal says:

    Ha ha! Apu rescuing Rapunzel! That’s awesome! Much more exciting than running a convenience store!

    Great creations, including the adult ones!

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