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And the Winner Is…

December 21, 2016 Uncategorized 1

After some deliberation I have decided who has won our Decorate the Brick Barn Tree contest, but first…

Honourable Mentions:

Simple and Elegant Design

Candy Cane

Best Use of a Discovered Brick

Polka dot brick used as falling snow for carolers.

Best Selected Location on the Tree

Angel at the top of our tree!

But the Winner is:



The manger scene with all of its little details!  It is not only Christmasy, but more importantly well built, well thought out and FUN to look at.


The microscale three wise men travelling from afar… I think one is Ron Weasley???


The interesting use of bricks to build an angel over the scene!


Maggie as Mary… Indiana Jones as Joseph… and a micro spartan playing baby Jesus! There is even yellow hay for the animals.


Congratulations to the builder of our wonderful manger!  Your choice of either:


Is ready for you to enjoy for Christmas!


Thank you again to everyone who participated.  Don’t forget we also have our monthly draw for the Gingerbread House (the poll has spoken!) which I will do at the end of the month.  You still have time to enter.  Every visit gives you a ballot!  I look forward to your creativity this Christmas break!



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  1. Fay says:

    Excellent choice. Congratulations to all though. So much fun….

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