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Sweet Sixteen

November 21, 2016 Uncategorized 0

What a nice way to end the Brick Barn week! We hosted a Christmas Party for 16 young local guests and everyone had so much FUN.  The Ready To Build Sets are now included in the Party Fee and many, many little sets were built this afternoon.  I am even keeping a couple of unbuilt sets aside in our Save It For Later program just in case the builders will be able to return to complete them!

The kids were so creative and engaged in building their ships, planes, spaceships and animal homes! Many of the cool creations ended up on display:



My desk became even more cluttered than usual



with everything from SpongeBob to spaceships to many many little cars and trucks!



These all look like Lawn Mower Racers!



I like the Nexo Knightsesque mixing of castle and space!



One young builder even created a Brick Barn Truck for me!



You might recognize some of the bits and pieces recombined… there’s one young man’s huge spaceship closet attached to the top of another young man’s white house along with our adult builder’s landscape covered in a herd of horses! Play It Forward at work!



Aaaahhh, the Massive Pile of Lego well played with! Good feelings!


Oh yes and it was also requested that we provide the snacks for the party… so juice boxes were accompanied by some delicious (thank you Crust and Crumb baker Chantal!) decorated Lego Minifigure sugar cookies:




I hope everyone had a much FUN as I did and maybe the visit inspired you to build cool things with your own Lego collections!

Just a reminder: one more Brick Barn week left for this month and then all of our changes kick in for December!  Double check our Hours Page for details as well as our new booking system for our Book Ahead options like Parties, Group Rates and of course our new Ultimate Creative Experience (I’ll discuss that more in our Monday Night Poll).

Until then, I hope to see you all next week during our regular hours of Thursday through Monday Noon until 9PM!

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