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An Explosion of Creativity

November 18, 2016 Uncategorized 1

Making changes to a business, even one as small as mine, feels a bit like retrofitting a jet airplane at 35000 feet.  Concentration is everything.  Parts are flying everywhere.  And you have no idea if the outcome will be any better than what you started with.  Realistically you are just hoping  the finished project doesn’t simply crash and burn.  And amid all the furrowed brows and pondering looks, it is possible to get that tingle in the back of the brain saying you might be neglecting something.

Oh yes, that’s what it is, I haven’t really published a meaningful showcase of all the amazing creativity bursting out of my guests all month!  Oooops!  (hmm that’s my second published ooops this week)

So today, on a busy PD day where I had oodles of amazing guests, I feel compelled to get up to date with all the cool creations being shaped with our Massive Pile of Lego.  As always click on the image if you want to see a larger version.

First and foremost a brief memorial.  You may all remember the USS Mighty Mann:




Not only did this wonderful spaceship grace our shelves for several weeks inspiring gasps of awe that someone created it from random pieces in the Massive Pile, but it survived numerous guests playing with it once it finally reentered the pile.  Weeks passed and I saw pieces slowly slipping away in a slow motion disintegration.  Until at one moment last week, in just an instant, the spacecraft had a hull breach and:



I see the cockpit frog may have survived the explosion.


It was one tough spaceship.  But despite its demise, like a phoenix, other spacecraft were constructed from the valuable remains:



Simple and effective!



Love the flame from the engine



Nice symmetry on this one.



It’s a submarine, but still very spacey


Another common theme, especially among today’s creators, is wheels and vehicles:



Right to the point, it’s a plow



It started out as a firetruck… but then grew an Octan fuel container… I’m confused, is it still putting out fires?  Is Octan now sponsoring Lego firetrucks?



Um…… was this designed by Emmet?



Even one of the QuikEMart shelves grew wheels… a mobile convenience store – wait that’s a great idea, it’s like the icecream trucks but for adults!



When I took the shelf off there were even more things for sale stuffed underneath! Not sure why the mobile convenience story needs scary teeth on the front though?



And if that wasn’t enough wheels… here is a car hauler with a fleet of cars


Some guests enjoyed creating whole suites of creations:



It kind of looks like a scary amusement park?



A fleet of aircraft and a house with a bicycle rider inside



Homer finds himself in a maze with no escape… there is a bug with only one wing… horses on boats and a series of arched parties… just imagine the stories that were told with these props


And then there is the random and the odd:



Yup that is a basketball net with animal legs as a backboard



Winter is coming so it makes sense to have a sleigh



A bunny topped hat… or at least I think it is a hat… some one did try putting on their head at one point… hmm maybe it is a forcefield around a rabbit colony?


The following image is accompanied by a full description that the creator wanted to convey:



This is a space station. The ladder allows the bad guy to get to the pies, but then it can be lifted to trap him… but he is sneaky and can jump down onto Bart’s boat.  But the big rock can fall down and knock him out so they can put him in the jail with the guard dog.  But even then he can jump over the rail and back into the boat for his getaway… but there is no coming back in as the dragon flame breath will trap you and the bird will peck you to pieces… all this on a spacestation!


And I don’t think anything made me smile more than simply getting the request to display good ol’Dumbledore on a motorcycle!



Hagrid won’t be happy…


Our winter village is taking shape.  I hope you all have been enjoying the facebook posts at each step of the way.  Most asked question, “Where is the train…”  Patience it is coming out soon.  Just 8 more Brick Barn business days until December.  Just 8 more days to complete the display.  The train will be out at some point before it is finished.

I just wanted to congratulate one of our young Monthly Members for his efforts winning the Monster Fighters Contest.  He managed to build 5 of the sets before it ended on November 14th.  His prize:



250 piece 24 in 1 advent calendar Lego set! We hope you will enjoy creating all the cool creations it offers.


Which takes me to my last point… We will be having a brand new contest for December.  It will begin on December 1st and end on December 24th.  And it has something to do with this Lego bag:



All will be revealed next week!


You can bet if you ask for your creation to be put on display, I will do my best to showcase it on the website as well.  All part of the service, and frankly, I love sharing all these inventive builds.   Now that most of the changes are complete on my Brick Barn revamp, I promise to be more diligent in showcasing the awesome FUN being enjoyed at my shop!  I look forward to seeing your own creativity soon!


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  1. Chantal says:

    Wow! Those are a lot of builds! I especially like the first small spaceship image: it looks like it has an eye! I also like the double decker truck, the Quik-E-Mart mobile with teeth (!), the neon bunny hat, and the space station with cool storyline and obstacle course!

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