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An Almost Monday Night Poll

November 15, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Pardon for the tardiness of the Monday Night Poll, but updating a website turns out to be an all consuming process! You may have noticed there are some changes afoot (specifically starting in December) which are finding their way onto the Brick Barn website. Thanks to your valuable feedback both in person, on facebook and in these weekly polls, I have remodeled Brick Barn into version 2.0!

Last week’s poll was a two parter which, if you wished, you could answer one or both questions.  I had quite a few responses!  So to the results:


Day(s) most likely to drop-in?  From 15 voters the answer was pretty much a landslide –

Monday – Thursday: 1 to 2 votes

Friday: 9 votes

Saturday: 11 votes

Sunday: 12 votes


Day(s) most likely to book ahead?  Interestingly, this question had 10 voters but the choice of days were pretty much equal –

Monday – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 2 votes

Saturday: 3 votes

Thursday:  4 votes


A big difference between the votes: those who plan to drop-in selected multiple days whereas those who plan to book ahead were much more surgical in their selections!




So from these results and discussions in the Brick Barn, our new hours starting December 1st are HERE!  Just scroll down to the December section.  Until then Brick Barn remains a Drop-In play place with hours Noon til 9PM on Thursdays through Mondays.

One brief comment about Saturdays…  I know many of you voted for Saturday as a Drop-In FUN day, but it is also a frequent Birthday Party Day!  So instead of booking parties over top of Drop-In Hours (like I do now) and trying to get the word out that we are closed for a private party, I compromised by making most of Saturday Book Ahead and most of Sunday Drop-In FUN.  I hope this will not negatively impact your visits.  Besides, there is still 4PM til 8PM Drop-In Hours on Saturday.

The hours and service changes provide Brick Barn with greater flexibility to serve our guests in as many interesting and valuable ways possible.  Starting in December we will be open 7 days a week providing multiple Drop-In FUN hours as well as many options for groups, parties and of course our newest service: Ultimate Creative Experience.  But the new hours also provide us with the ability to respond to the frequent suggestion of being open on PD days when parents are looking for something to do with the kids.

For example, December 2 is a school day off!  So we have closed the book ahead time slots in order to be open for all day Drop-In FUN.  That means from 9AM until 8PM on Friday, December 2, Brick Barn will be available for you and your family to spend a few hours creating, building and playing.  I’ll make additional announcements closer to the day.  And that reminds me: keep your eyes peeled for that calendar image above – it is going to appear in Brick Barn blog posts and on our facebook page announcing any changes to our regular hours!



Oh yes, and Yellow Submarine is in the House! Just waiting for someone to drop-in and Build It.


So on to this week’s poll!

Online ordering, purchasing and booking feels second nature to me (especially considering how often I order from, but I don’t know if I’m irregular in this?  Are my guests comfortable with the idea of online booking?  I need your feedback to find out.  Most of my services now fall under a Book Ahead model.  In fact, I will be planning my life around your bookings! 🙂

I also want to make it simple to plan your visit to the Brick Barn.  Bookly is now installed and live on and will handle all our online bookings.  However, to prevent fraudulent bookings, and to a lesser degree whimsical bookings, I have added a $5 non-refundable deposit for each booking (whether Ultimate Creative Experience, Party or Group).  Once you complete your booking request, you will be automatically kicked out to a Paypal pay page where you can either pay with your own Paypal account or select the credit card (no Paypal account) option.  After successful payment, you will be automatically returned to  Finally, when you show up to your appointment at Brick Barn, you simply pay the difference and enjoy your visit.  By making it non-refundable, should you not show up to your appointment, my time waiting won’t be a complete waste.

But, I want to know how comfortable you all are with this set up, so my question is:

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