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Monday Night Poll

November 7, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Brief update to begin… Yellow Submarine is currently in Woodbridge, Ontario!  Hopefully will be here in a few days!




Last week’s poll turned out remarkably divided.  13 votes were cast in total and the results are as follows:


Maybe… although we prefer your drop-in option – 5 votes

Yes! A private creative experience would be awesome – 5 votes

Nope! I want to be able to drop-in when we can – 3 votes

Sure… but I wouldn’t pay more for a private session – 0 votes


So, it seems there will be value in carving up the Brick Barn hours into two types of visits.  Book ahead private creative sessions and drop-in play as you wish days.  I actually found it amazing the split was pretty equal and I’m sorry to those who said “Nope!” because definitely some of our hours will be converted to book ahead.




Which is exactly the topic of this week’s poll!  The vast majority of your weekday visits are evenings (obviously with school all day) and early afternoons on weekends.  So to divide up the week into drop-in and book ahead sessions, I could simply flip a coin and make Monday evenings book ahead while Tuesdays are drop-in!  But I think it would help a lot to get some feedback from all my guests first before arbitrarily making changes!  I know many of you are in routines with all of your other activities and it would help to know approximately which days you might find the time to join us at the Brick Barn.  Feedback is invaluable for our planning going forward.

So please, if you could take some time to answer the following questions I would be very thankful.  You may answer both if you wish and you may select as many days as you want!  (in fact we may be opening our doors to a full 7 days a week starting in December!).


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[yop_poll id=”6″]

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