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Brick Barn Weekly Update

November 3, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It feels like time is flying along at the Brick Barn!  Halloween is now behind us and just over the horizon is Christmas and winter.  In fact, where I’m from it is already… well… winter!




Okay maybe not that bad, but it does look like:


Yukon Webcams

That being said we are still running our Halloween inspired Monster Contest until November 14!  So far it is looking like noone will actually build every single Monster Fighters set, therefore, I’m thinking whoever gets the farthest will be our Christmas Special Advent Set winner!  For more information check out our previous post Monster Contest.  As one young man discovered today, the Werewolf tree is one very complicated mechanism!

I am looking forward to Christmas.  And part of my excitement comes from planning my first ever Winter Village Lego Scene!  I am hoping to have a mix of Lego Sets and imagined pieces.  I’ve already set up the table complete with the Christmas Train track:




Every business day this month I will add one additional feature to the Village scene!  For example, today’s new build happens to be:





I am also excited because once we get to December 1st, not only will my contribution to the display be complete, but I will be able to announce another cool (haha winter joke) contest!  But until then, drop by and check out my progress.  I think it will be a nice first attempt at a Lego Village to which I hope to add additional complexity and flourishes every year.

While we only had a few trick or treaters drop by on Monday, we had even more guests over the weekend!  One young man discovered the many Bionicle creatures lurking in the massive pile:




And created an army complete with his own designed attack car:




Many sets were also constructed and are now being Saved For Later so the young builders will get an opportunity to finish them in the future.

We are also conducting a number of polls this month to collect feedback on some new ideas I will be integrating into the Brick Barn.  It would be great if you would add your thoughts to help guide the changes which will be implemented throughout December.

I look forward to seeing you soon at the Brick Barn!


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