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Monday Night Poll

October 31, 2016 Uncategorized 0

First the results of our Beatles Yellow Submarine Poll!

  1. Everyone who voted knew who the Beatles were! ūüôā
  2. 11 voters did not seem to be impressed with the set…
  3. BUT… 14 votes were in favour of getting the set for the Brick Barn (even though only 6 of you actually would build it!)

So it seems I should go ahead and collect it!  It goes on sale tomorrow and I will update you all when it arrives!


And now to this week’s question:




Brick Barn is still evolving, adapting to meet the many unique needs of our guests.  I feel it is time to try some new ideas, but before I embark on a new trajectory, I would like some feedback from you, our guests.

So what might be changing?

One of the greatest joys I get as the owner of a Lego Shop is the one-on-one interactions.  Creative play is so much FUN, not only for our guests, but for me as well!  Therefore, I am developing a new Brick Barn option Рthe Ultimate Creative Experience!  This will be a book-ahead private experience designed for a maximum 3 playing guests.  Just you and/or a couple of friends (or siblings).  We will create together.  Build sets together.  All the cool FUN you normally have at the Brick Barn but side-by-side with an expert Lego Creator.  Some of you have already experienced a random trialing of this service during our drop-in hours and the unofficial reviews suggest it would be a much richer experience!

However, to make the Ultimate Creative Experience work, two things would need to change!  First, depending on your feedback, Brick Barn hours will be adjusted to reflect the fact some of our hours will be devoted to private visits while leaving other hours for drop-in.  Secondly, the Ultimate Creative Experience option will be charged hourly to reflect the additional benefits of a private visit (for example, drop-in is currently $6 per day, but the Ultimate Creative Experience might be $6 per hour).

So this week’s question is the first of three asking for your feedback! ¬†Please help us provide the best Creative Lego place possible.

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