Brick Barn Monday Night Poll

I thought it might be fun to engage in a bit of ongoing community feedback with a weekly Brick Barn Monday Night Poll!  Your answers to my questions will help guide Brick Barn’s future.  Each poll will be open for the whole week (probably longer if I forget to turn them off) so don’t feel the pressure to answer RIGHT THIS SECOND!!

So to get things rolling this week’s question should strike just the right tone for some enthusiasts.  I’m totally on the fence with the following Lego Set.  It really depends on your answers to this week’s poll whether or not I should purchase it for the Brick Barn collection.



Beatles: The Yellow Submarine


This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 24-10-2016 17:30:44
End date 31-10-2016 18:28:58
Poll Results:
Should Brick Barn add #21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine to our collection?

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