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Oh Yes He Did!

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Yes, that is a reindeer.  Yes, it is from last year’s Christmas Set.  Yes, I know it is October!  But if I want to have an awesome Lego Christmas Village Scene in the shop this December, I do have to get an early start on building.  But don’t worry, it is all tucked away for later… In the meantime…  There is a full moon over the now completed Monster Fighters Haunted Mansion! (click images for greater detail)



Wait – That’s no moon?!


It is one of my favorite Lego sets.  It has a wonderful interior:




With a bunch of really cool details:




And don’t forget our new Monster Contest!  Build 6 of the Monster Fighters Sets and earn a place in the draw for the very cool 250 Brick Lego Advent Calendar:



Contest Closes November 14


There are a bunch of new creations at the Brick Barn this week.  Several young guests created an array of models including boats, spaceships, and aircraft:






And a small house was assembled and paired with the beautiful remains of a landscape built by one of our adult guests (Play It Forward!):




And a couple of modern art pieces embracing transparencies, form and color:





Built to be appreciated from many angles.




I hope you will consider joining us next next week to add your own creativity to our display shelf, build a bunch of Monster Fighters sets, and enjoy exploring the potential of Lego building.

We are open Thursday to Monday every week from Noon-9PM!

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