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Midnight is Nigh

September 26, 2016 Uncategorized 0

The pumpkin approaches!  Princess Month at the Brick Barn is coming to an end.  Next week is the last chance to build one of our many princess sets for FREE.  It will also be the last week for the Disney Castle as it will be dismantled on Tear-Apart-Tuesday (October 4).  So we hope you will join us next week to take advantage of the opportunity to build our lineup of Princesses.

It was an excellent week!  Not only did we have a wonderful Birthday Party on Saturday, but we had several new guests join us to build sets and create unique models from the massive pile.  One visiting AFOL provided us with a beautiful natural scene:



Click these images for larger versions!


It just goes to show what a bit of imagination and a pile of bricks can create!

We also had two young designers start projects from the massive pile and for the first time (besides a few AFOLs) these builders requested to have them set aside to be worked on during their next visit.  Usually we only get that type of request with unfinished Lego sets.  It is awesome to have creators just as enthusiastic about finishing their own creations!



Space ship with enormous closet system!



Eye of Sauron in progress!


I also completed the Death Star!  Lego just released a brand new version of this stunning model, but it retails for $600!  If you missed the chance to build this spectacular model and cannot afford the latest reboot send me an email ( and let me know you are interested in building it at the Brick Barn.  I’ll take it apart and color sort it for you for the super low price of $20!  It is 3800 bricks of amazing.




We also had two entries into the Legend of Rhyme Contest this week!  The contest will be extended into October to allow Jaime Lee Mann a chance to get out to local schools during her book tour and reach even more fans of the series.  Then they too will have an opportunity to drop by the Brick Barn to enter!



Scene from the cottage fire – is reading a book really helpful during a fire??



This entry was an extended scene from a stone cottage…



across a forest with a statue and cave…



to a wooden cottage with a lady who makes lots of pies!


We wish all our entrants the best of luck.  Jaime will have a big challenge at the end of the contest deciding who is the most creative!

October is the month for Halloween!  And to celebrate we are changing gears from Disney Princesses to Lego’s own fantastic (and at the time very well received) theme Monster Fighters!  We have 8 awesome sets and all of them will be FREE to build for all guests throughout October (or at least from the day we get all the pieces!).  4 of them are already ready to go!  Promotion begins October 1!

Also October is a big month of Lego releases!  So there will be a number of brand new sets arriving throughout the month at the Brick Barn.  Drop by often to get a chance to be the first to unbox one of our sets!  Building a set from the box is always FREE to any guest who wants to give it a shot.  It can only be unboxed once 😉

We are looking forward to a busy month ahead and hope to see you soon before the clock strikes midnight on our Princess Month!


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