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Today one of our Monthly Members celebrated his 8th birthday at the Brick Barn!  It was a fantastic experience for all involved.  The basic package includes the Brick Barn rental ($50 for private party/$30 for public party), some planning assistance and a couple of fun surprises like our “Happy Birthday” welcome message written in Lego around the the massive pile.




The parents and I also discussed a number of ideas which I will present as upgrade packages for future party planners.  For example, for an additional $5, Brick Barn will provide a few party games such as guess the number of Lego bricks in a jug, marble mazes (or something similar) and an identical bricks building challenge:



Marble maze and two bins with identical bricks for the building challenge!




During today’s party, the parents even went so far as to provide little prizes to those participants who won each of the games.  I thought that was a fantastic addition!  Also included in the party game upgrade are some FUN printed workbooks…




… in case there was any down time, but today’s party was full throttle from start to finish and the booklets went home in the goodie bags which were also thoughtfully prepared by the parents.

The parents also requested access to the Brick Barn ahead of the party to decorate a bit which we absolutely agreed to and the result provided a great festive atmosphere!



Balloons and banner were provided by the parents.


Crust and Crumb treats are always available for an additional fee, but I more than welcome parents bringing whatever food they feel will enhance their party.  Today included pizza (which they kindly shared with me – yay and thank you!), bottle water, juice boxes and of course a Lego brick cake!  However, we also discussed the possibility of creating something out of Lego to hold an additional dozen cupcakes!  I thought this was a great idea and an opportunity to “theme” the birthday party a bit.  I knew the birthday boy was a fan of Ninjago so I set about creating an appropriate stand for the cupcakes.  The result:



Each tier had 3 or so cupcakes and the ninja’s were charged with the defense of those cupcakes from the advancing skeleton army!






It is possible to create equivalent ideas in other themes, or perhaps a cake stand, or even other Lego made decorations so don’t hesitate to suggest ideas or discuss with me your desires.  This size and style of model as an upgrade to the basic package would cost about $15.  Perhaps even a Lego present, like we had today with a small gift enclosed would add a bit of a special feel to the party?



We provided a small Ninjago set inside this little Lego built present for the Member (although you do not get to keep the box, just the toy inside).


Or a special model built and ready to play with?



The Death Star as an Upgrade would cost about $20, but there are many, many options so feel free to discuss ideas!


Today’s party had 7 or 8 kids and a few adults who seem to enjoyed the time as much as the kids did chatting in our comfortable seating area.  The kids entertained themselves with the massive pile, or racing various cars (which are now in pieces) and enjoyed the games, food and present opening.

It was a rowdy, raucous group of kids today, but everyone for the most part followed our rules.  So discipline was not a huge issue even with the larger group!  However, for myself, it was certainly a change of pace from the usual more laid back Brick Barn atmosphere.  So I thought it was funny when the parents gave me a mystery minifigure bag (which they also provided in their goodie bags! – cool!) as part of their thank you to the Brick Barn that the minifigure turned out to be:





But the truth is today’s party was a lot of FUN and I hope more parents will consider us for a birthday party this year!  My advice, from this experience, would be: 12 kids would be a maximum for anyone planning a party for the Brick Barn with 4 adults to help supervise the activities (a 3:1 ratio seemed effective), 3 hours is a great length of time (just as the cake sugars were kicking into gear it was time to clean up and play outside), and give a few weeks for planning ahead of time if you want to take advantage of some upgrades options (as much as I love creating Lego stuff it does take time).  So a great time can be had for a little as $30, but I will of course be open to additional requests or even other ideas beyond what we provided today!

I look forward to assisting with your future party plans!

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