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Another awesome week has come to an end at the Brick Barn.  It was wonderful to meet new guests from away as well as from down the road.  We were fortunate to have membership renewals as well as new members!  We even had our first entry for the Legend of Rhyme Contest!



A wonderful scene with mountains, wizards, fairies and an alligator… Perhaps some artistic license to this scene?



Love the unique use of a blue space canopy for a pond!


One of our excellent AFOLs completed his huge Spaceship!  Every piece was carefully combed out of our massive pile!  It is an awesome example of patience and creativity.  WELL DONE!



Definitely something to behold!  Note the pet frog in the cockpit.



The spaceship will be on display for the next couple of weeks before returning to the massive pile for lucky guests to play with, modify or perhaps destroy during reentry!



Awesome interior with hinged roof panel… when you see it in person, look for the escape hatch in the floor!



Great attention to detail including the addition of an old school telephone and reel to reel computer parts… it is just a FUN model worth a closer look!


We also had other spaceships built as the week progressed including this little beauty:



Great little space police vessel.



Including a rear hatch for the bad guys.


A few other creative endeavors graced our display shelf this week from park ponds:



Ponds were a common theme all week… Love the lily pad


To an almost Fallingwater-like house design:




To other interesting zoo-esque creations:



Notice the hook attached to the bottle – that is apparently for the kitty to drink from!


However, my personal highlight was the completion of another advanced modular building by our young expert builder.  This time it was the Pet Shop!  Now I have to pick some more parts for the next building.



It has been added to the growing street scene!


Another bit of news to pass along in case you are planning to visit the Brick Barn this upcoming weekend.  On Saturday, September 24 Brick Barn will be opening later than usual to accommodate our first ever private birthday party!  We have a young monthly member turning 8 this week and will be celebrating his birthday with friends at the Brick Barn!  It should be a blast.  However, this does mean we will be closed for the event.  Brick Barn’s hours will be adjusted to a new opening time of 3PM but closing at our usual time of 9PM.

We are looking forward to seeing your creativity next week!  Hope to see you soon!

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