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First Island LUG Meeting

September 15, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Last night we convined for the first Island Lego User Group meetup.  Five enthusiastic AFOLs were in attendance.  Everyone brought various Lego sets to show off.  The Build Challenge was to find and assemble your oldest Lego produced set.  One LUG member amazed us by bringing in a 1976 police station (we are also fortunate he agreed to leave this model at the Brick Barn for this week so others get a chance to check out a 40 year old set!):





Amazing how far Lego design has come in 40 years and yet still so recognizable!



Minifigures from the 70’s just before the patent was first made for the movable arms. Also notice the official Lego design of plate between studs technique!


We also had several sets from the early 80’s:



Brick Barn’s oldest set (floats on water too)



Truck with actual motor. Battery pack is the tanker trailer!



Classic 80’s space station with the original Benny (then known just as Ben)


One other model which was not a particular set, was something on of our members would often build with her basic bricks right up until her brother started to take over all the Lego in the house:



Original pyramid creation from basic bricks now with technological updates!


And we even had a set from this decade:




But it came in highly customized with the addition of an astrodroid for repairs:



Our member said every combine should come with one of these droids!


In addition to the socializing over a Mexican dip and delicious homemade garlic fingers with donair sauce, two games of modified creationary were played.  The first game was the “official match” where the winner would get to set the Build Challenge for next month’s meeting!  Each game was three rounds of progressively harder model building.  Would you have been able to guess any of the builds? (click photo to see larger version):



Three round game: first round was “vehicles”, second round was “stuff”, third round was also “stuff”


The second game was tighter and involved a tiebreaker play off:



Second game with rounds of “buildings”, “nature”, and “stuff”


Our Creationary winner selected for next month’s Build Challenge:  Spaceships!

So everyone who plans on attending our next meeting, scheduled for October 12 (2nd Wednesday) starting at 7PM, should get started constructing their own interpretation of the Build Challenge: Spaceships.

We also had a bit of time to just create stuff.




It was a lot of FUN and we are looking forward to meeting new AFOLs at our next meetup in October!

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