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Brick Barn FUN

September 10, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It is super easy to tell when FUN is had at the Brick Barn!








And what explosions of creativity came out of the massive pile?  Well horse stables.  Cool castles:



I especially love the hilled grass effect!




There were sharks and shark boats:




And a pullback train which captured sharks in nets:




There were spaceships:




And of course the always consistent swirl of the Springfield hurricane!  The neighbors got blasted this time too!




This weekend I will also be taking apart the awesome Metal Beard Sea Cow model from the Lego Movie.  So if anyone desires to build this fine set it will soon be available to assemble at the Brick Barn.  Remember on large builds we do offer a one week FREE storage to all guests and two weeks of storage to Monthly Members so don’t feel you need to rush through the construction of a set like the Sea Cow!

Hope you will join us soon at the Brick Barn and be part of the ongoing creative excitement!

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