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September 2, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It was a busy day at the Brick Barn.  We had guests From Away and lots of locals which made for a fun afternoon of socializing, building and creativity.  One group of guests even arrived on bicycles!  They were on a tour of the island by bike and happened to stumble upon one of our ads at a local campground.  By the end of their visit their young man had had so much fun that he told me, “You know of all the buildings and shops on PEI, yours is the best!”  Wow, now that is a great review of the Brick Barn!

I think all the parents jumped into mix today!  We had Mr. Spaceship return to continue his awesome project.  Another awesome father helped both his kids work through their sets including the Nexo Knights Beast Master in his chomping chariot.

Another family unboxed our new-to-the-shop Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle.  I think their Dad enjoyed the set the most as he worked his way through several bags of the 1000+ brick build before calling it a day and storing it for another visit.

One of our other Dad’s went very retro with his creativity from our massive pile:




The car in the driveway even has an old school pull back motor!  It is so retro that I’m going to put it on display for the week for anyone who wants to drop by and reminisce.

And while all that building was going on a tornado struck not just the Simpson’s house (again) but swirled across the Giant Castle Chess Set as well:




It is remarkable how many games of chess have been played at the Brick Barn without a single rule being needed!

Meanwhile, one young lady decided that the brand new Disney Castle was a total fail because it did not include a room for her favorite movie…




So she set about remedying the problem by building over the Tangled Room with ice from the Frozen castle!  A great thing about LEGO is that you can easily correct the company’s obvious mistakes!  Take that LEGO designers.  😉

Today we also added a base plate full of unique minifigures to the shop.




Many people like to grab a minifigure first and then build around that theme instead of creating something without a prompt.  So now you can check out various characters and borrow one to create something in the massive pile.  A few young creators have already taken great advantage of this new idea so I hope to see many more unique and interesting projects in the future.

We will open the whole long weekend.  Saturday to Monday from Noon to 9PM (or later if you just can’t get enough LEGO time).   Hope to see you soon!

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