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Labour Day Rescues Tortured Soul

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I’m not sure if the young man who designed and built this little contraption on Monday was subconsciously channeling thoughts about back-to-school next week or perhaps just followed where the bricks took him.  The little vignette contains, of course, a captured minifigure laying constrained on a table with an obviously terrifying spinning wheel of death powered by the large electric conduit running from the computer bank.  However, since the Labour Day Long Weekend is upon us, I was able to rescue this poor soul while the hooded men were out on vacation.  I’ve since released him from his captivity back into the massive pile to be found and played with again.

At the opposite end of the thematic scale (unless you don’t like Disney – in which case this might be along the same theme):




The Disney Castle is complete and on display!  It is a multi-room extravaganza of Disney memories.  It’s too bad we didn’t get more characters to populate each scene, but with the 8 other Disney Princess Sets available there is plenty of fun to be had playing with the castle.




Which happens to be my September Announcement!  To celebrate the release of the Disney Castle, all 8 of Brick Barn’s Disney Princess Sets are available, Ready To Build, for FREE all month!


Princess Sets 2


Build Belle’s Castle or Merida’s archery practice for FREE.  You don’t even have to be a Monthly Member to enjoy this celebration of all things Disney Princess.  However, if you do purchase a Monthly Membership during September you will be entered into our draw for this Month’s FREE Giveaway set:



Olaf’s Summertime FUN


Speaking of which… We happen to have a winner of the August Giveaway:



London Bus


I selected one lucky Monthly Member, in true D&D style (I rolled a 1D6),  from the list of those who bought memberships during August.  I hope to be able to contact the winner soon, but if I cannot make contact, I’m sure I will see the lucky winner soon!  You still need to finish Jestro’s Volcano Lair!  😉

So with that, we begin a new month at the Brick Barn.  We open our doors tomorrow Thursday, September 1 at Noon with fresh CinnaYums and other treats from Crust and Crumb.  I hope to see you create something awesome this long weekend at the Brick Barn!

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