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August 27, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Wonderful day yesterday as we had many creative and playful guests at the Brick Barn.  Secret hidden fortresses, race car demolition derbies, “SpongeBob’s a god” and cool creative spaceships filled the play floor.  One model in particular caught my eye as it reminded me of the Citizen Builders in the Lego Movie assembling awesome machines from all the bricks just in front of them.




This ship has just about everything from fangs on the front for intimidation to a massive multi-position laser cannon arm!  It can drive on land and travel underwater with its submarine props.


IMG_0122 (2)


What a fantastic use of our massive pile of LEGO!  Just love to see great creativity.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to capture the expansive hidden fortress because an armoured race car plowed its way to victory through the fort… and through a large technic dune buggy… and after a few near misses straight through SpongeBob riding on his dingy!

Another little creation was created from the massive pile:




I’m not sure if this is ___(insert famous band name)___’s reunion tour but it appears the whole gang is ready to rock once they get to their destination.

Speaking of tiny microfigures.  One young man asked an interesting question yesterday.  He pointed to the London Bus on display and asked me if people could fit inside.  I looked at the small model and stated, “No no… it is far to small for people.”




He asked if he could play with the model so I handed it to him.  He went off and had fun.  A while later this young man returned and held up the model stating, “People do fit inside!”




Well played young sir, well played!  I stand corrected.  People do in fact fit in the London Bus.  Now imagine how long it took him to diligently find all those microfigures from the massive pile, especially considering the previously mentioned Band’s Reunion Tour was already built and on display with all of its microfigures!

And speaking of the London Bus model!  It just so happens I have picked that model to be our first Monthly Member Giveaway for August.




This 118 brick Creator model is a fun build, but as frequently demonstrated even more fun to play with.  Recommended for ages 7+, but I think pretty much anyone with a bit of supervision could build it.  Everyone who purchases a membership before the end of August (by Monday, August 29) is eligible to be in the draw!

Monthly Memberships are a great value even if you only visit the Brick Barn a couple of times each month.  Not only is your pass valid from the date you get it stamped until the same day the following month, but all our Ready To Build sets are FREE to build, and you get a chance to win the monthly giveaway.  Also monthly members and their immediate family guests receive 10% off our tasty treats from Crust and Crumb.

Yesterday also saw the expansion of our cityscape!  Our talented Expert Builder completed her Advanced Model Brick Bank.  It is packed with cool details including some behind the scenes money laundering… literally!




I’m hoping to keep adding to the cityscape especially if our Expert Builder is keen to keep on building.  Just 8 more buildings to go and hopefully, if LEGO is faithful to their annual schedule we might see a brand new building released in January.




And of course all weekend long I will be building the Disney Castle!  This is a huge set with lots of nostalgic details.  It is a must see model and will be on display for a while, unless someone wants to build it again!

Looking forward to your visit this weekend or whenever you have a chance to drop by the Brick Barn!

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