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August 25, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It’s a new week at the Brick Barn, and we have a FREE Ready To Build set available as a result of our Facebook poll last week.  The winner by more than half the votes was 41066:




This cute Frozen set will be FREE all week from August 25 to August 29!  Unlike our other Ready To Build sets, we will not be storing unfinished builds this week to give everyone a chance to have fun with Kristoff, Anna and Sven.  Next week, it will be just $2 for non-members.

Both sets which lost the battle, 7978 Angler Attack or 3815 Heroic Heroes of the Deep, are still in the Request To Build collection.  Just ask for the set number about a week before you would like to build it!

Despite losing, SpongeBob did make an appearance on Monday, or at least his boat-mobile did.  One young builder just happened to find, in the massive pile, a ship-shape replica of the Spongebob boat-car from 3815 and repurposed it into his own creation:




This build not only has motor powered bouncing wheels but a motor powered spinning toothed wheel of doom on the back.  I’m certain SpongeBob would have been very effective blending up some Plankton with this vehicle:




Our next weekly poll will be launched this evening.  We are pitting three new sets against each other for addition into the Ready To Build collection.  You can vote with your comments on Facebook or take a look at the manuals displayed at the Brick Barn and let us know which one you would want to build!  We have an Alien bug, Bionicle crawler and a Legends of Chima ferocious racer!




And finally from last week we had some very colorful modern art on display:




There are lots of cool colors available in the massive pile to create anything that comes to mind!

Our display shelf is looking forward to your creations this week!  We look forward to your next visit to the Brick Barn!


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