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“this isn’t a toy…

it’s a highly sophisticated interlocking Brick System…”

“Ages 8 – 14?”

“That’s a suggestion!  They have to put that on there.”

– Lego Movie –

(but you all knew that!)


LEGO has touched a cultural nerve throughout the world finding its way into hundreds of millions of homes.  Over 75% of North American families have some LEGO in a toy chest somewhere in their houses.  It is a serious business which has propelled LEGO Group, makers of a single toy product, to become the number one toy manufacture in the world.

Although marketed to children, Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLs) play a huge role in evangelizing the brand to the general public.  There are LEGO Ambassadors, LEGO artists, LEGO road shows and of course many active LEGO User Groups (LUGs –  Some Canadian examples are:

With the construction of the Brick Barn, it was always my intention to start a local LUG for Island AFOLs to share their enthusiasm for LEGO.  So I am proud to announce Brick Barn will host Island LUG!


Island LUG Logo blue green.fw


This group is open to anyone 15+ who enjoys LEGO as a hobby and a passion.  There is no fee (unless you want to share some snacks at our meeting).  There is no commitment.  At every  meeting we will share our finished or in progress models, swap tips and tricks, build a little and talk a whole bunch.

There will be a monthly building challenge based on a theme selected by the winner of our wild monthly modified match of Creationary.  Members will be asked to bring with them and share a MOC (my own creation) based on the theme selected.

Brand new AFOL-focused (Expert 16+) LEGO sets will get unboxed and other awesome LEGO advanced models will be on display from Brick Barn’s Request To Build collection.

We also encourage the bringing and swapping of snacks (that might have been mentioned already)!

Ultimately, although not necessary, we do hope, over time, to fulfill the key metrics required by the LEGO Group to become officially recognized as a Physical LEGO User Group and therefore, access some of the amazing supports the LEGO ambassador program has for members.

  1. Have been organized for a minimum of one year
  2. Minimum of 20 members
  3. Participate in, or host, three “AFOL events” each year
    • AFOL Exhibition
      • Is an event where the public audience can interact with AFOLs while browsing the MOC exhibition and various activities driven by the event responsible LUG. The event is temporary and most often set to last a couple of days with a public exhibition, after-hours workshops and social interaction for the AFOLs.
    • and/or an AFOL Display
      • Is a showcase, where a display, built by the LUG, is shown to the public with no interaction between the AFOLs and public audience. It is most often a model displayed in a window or behind a fence with the public passing by.
    • and/or an AFOL Convention
      • Is a formal assembly of AFOLs and TFOLs that spans across multiple days to allow discussion about, and action on, promoting the LEGO® hobby. In addition to offering various activities to registered attendees (such as presentations, workshops, and seminars) time is allocated to promote the LEGO® hobby to a public audience. An AFOL Convention is expected to host a minimum of one full day for the registered attendees and one full day for the public audience.
  4. Host a website


If this sounds like a group you would like to belong too and socialize with, here are the specifics:



Brick Barn

90 Bangor Road, just East of Morell



Second Wednesday of every month

Meetings start around 7pm

Our First Meeting Will Be September 14th, 2016


What and Why?

Share Our Lego Creations

Play a Round of Modified Creationary

Build Together

Socialize with other AFOLs


Since there has not been a wild game of modified Creationary to chose the building challenge theme for the first meeting, I have unilaterally decided everyone must bring with them their oldest LEGO set!  I know what mine will be (assuming I can find all the bricks – at least I know I have the manual).  Check out Brickset to find out the years your sets were produced and if you know what you have but are missing the manual there is a good chance you can find it at Let’s Build It Again!

And just in case you are not sure if you are an AFOL there is a great little documentary on the subject.  If your house looks anything like, or set building with your kids ends up anything like, or you stare at LEGO sets at the toy store anything like the AFOLs in the video then you can be pretty certain you should probably drop in on one of our Island LUG meetings in the coming months!

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