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Crickets Chirping

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Quiet start to the weekend with the many activities and pleasant weather about the island. Originally growing up in the far north, being able to hear crickets and grasshoppers chirping in the late summertime is such an exotic and calming sound! In such stark contrast to the clatter of LEGO bricks smashing on LEGO bricks!

We did have the return of our Thursday morning group. It was fantastic to see them here again. They lend such a wonderful family vibe to the place to start the week! Several sets were continued by the guests from their work the previous week. One young lady in particular was especially excited to have completed Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship which was a tad above her age range but to her credit, with plenty of perseverance, she finished it and danced super-excitedly as it was displayed on our LEGO shelf! Good Job!

The Simpson’s house was played with again, but not quite how you would think. Some young guests decided the house itself was unnecessary and robbed it of all the furniture and people to play with, carefully, beside the massive pile of LEGO with their own house creations!



Boat dock with horse stable and hot tub



This home has an indoor forest… cool


Several minifigures from the shelf also found their way into the mix creating a great little scene.

One of our AFOLs spent a bit of time in the massive pile and pulled out a mobile command vehicle.  Complete with rotating multiaction scoop, harpoon and ion control, and a detachable roving research vehicle which carefully unfolds from its compact position on the third trailer.






Our one group of visitors today spent a brief time playing modified checkers with the chess board, which was fun to watch, while the young man of the group started to construct a space-aged home for the minifigure characters he found in the massive pile (where did all the hair and helmets go)!



Awesome radiation shielding!


We officially announced Brick Barn would be hosting Island LUG meetings the second Wednesday of every month.  For more information about the 15+ LEGO User Group check out our post here!  Every meeting should be great fun and an enjoyable social experience.  First meeting will be September 14 starting at 7PM.  The first theme build is – your oldest LEGO production set!  So find the bricks, assemble it, and bring it to our inaugural meeting.

Finally, our Crust and Crumb baker Chantal will be out in St. Margarets selling her treats tomorrow for the Great St. Margarets Yard Sale which begins at 8am hosted by Terrys Legacy Farm, 11581 North Side Road.  The baked goodies should be set up by 10.

I look forward to seeing more creativity before the end of the week!  See you soon at the Brick Barn.

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