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Four FUN Weeks

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Brick Barn is about to close its doors on another week.  It is also the end of our first four weeks serving guests a smorgasbord of creative FUN.  Today we had one return guest who was here only just yesterday.  He arrived with the full intention to build a BIG set.  So we looked at the options together.  Debated the the size of the bins.  Wondered about the themes.  And finally landed on the new arrival #70323 Jestro’s Volcano Lair!  This is the largest of the Nexo Knights at over 1000+ pieces.  Dad was game to help, but after an hour of sorting colors and trying to find all the little pieces the battle was lost.  Jestro won the day.  The young man decided this was not the set for him, and you know what, that was just fine.  We packed up the set and suggested another slightly smaller set he was also interested in:




It is always difficult to suggest a set to our younger guests whose eyes bulge out at the sight of so many pieces.  Fortunately, our very patient responsible adult helped every step of the way as they worked side by side at one of the tables for most of the afternoon!  It was awesome!  He even managed to get a bit of creative play time in the massive pile:




We also had a friendly family from south of the border in!  Thank you very much to the mystery lady at Crowbush Resort for suggesting Brick Barn to these guests.  I think they had a great time and were the first to pull out our Lego Creationary box to have a short family game.  In addition to their games, a bit of creative building in the massive pile resulted in a quite colorful wheeled battle truck:




Two of our Monthly Members returned briefly to complete #41180 Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle which they started yesterday.  The result is quite a spectacular model from the Elves series:




Another of our returning guests enjoyed building Moltor’s Lava Smasher (I think this might be the 5th build of this cool set) and they also spent a bit of time in Springfield discovering handcuffs somewhere in the Simpson’s house.  I helpfully suggested Chief Wiggum must have left them while looking for Snake.

We also have some great brochures here for the Kings Playhouse.  Some really interesting shows are playing throughout the summer.  Personally, I love the theatre when I actually get a chance to get out and about!  If you are curious drop-in and check out what’s on.  There is also a camp for kids in late August for those of you looking for some non-Lego activities for your kids.

It’s been a wonderful week.  Lots of FUN had by many guests.  I’m going to close up for this week to get a whole bunch of boring businessy things done with computer coding, photoshoping and sock washing.  We will open again on Thursday with a whole new program for set building, new prices for non-members BUT most importantly I get to hang out again with my awesome guests and create cool Lego models!  See you next week at the Brick Barn.

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