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An Explosion of Tears

August 14, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It’s been mentioned before, leaving the Brick Barn can be a little traumatic for some guests.  Yet, as one adult visitor helpfully suggested, after witnessing an explosion of tears from a young visitor leaving for the day, “That’s a pretty good review of this place!”  I have to agree, and our young friend’s trauma aside, I am thrilled everyone who drops in is happy with our service!

Besides the brief moment of sadness from our young friend wanting to stay, it was a wonderful day for all at the Brick Barn.  We had a great mix of guests.  Some stayed a long while.  Some created endlessly in the massive pile of Lego.  Some built multiple little sets.  Some worked by themselves.  Some asked for help.

One young man, all the way from Vancouver, spent a long time in the pile building supply bases for the two Star Ships built previously by one of our AFOLs!






It is awesome to have Adult Fans build interesting ships, cars and buildings which our young fans can just pick up and play with.  It adds a larger community composition to our whole experience!

Another young man built several models from our slowly growing Ready-To-Build options, but also tested his creativity in the massive pile of Lego.



A dragon chariot with a canyon of horses scene!


One young lady found a cool dragon in the pile of Lego and proceeded to construct a colorful lair for him to live in!




Hagrid’s Hut was also on display.  It was finished by an AFOL who is currently reading the new book from the wizarding universe.






This set along with #4840 The Burrow are two Harry Potter sets currently available in our Ready-To-Build list.  Both are recommended for 9+ but with a parent’s help anyone could enjoy assembling them.

And I will end today with a peak at some blue sky from yesterday evening before the smoke and rain started to roll into the region.




One more day left this week.  We will be open again tomorrow at Noon!  Remember our new pricing and building process takes effect on Thursday so take advantage of building our current Ready-To-Build sets while they are still FREE for all.  See you soon at the Brick Barn!

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