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Build-A-Set Getting Overhauled

August 13, 2016 Uncategorized 0

At Brick Barn our goal is for everyone to have as much FUN as possible.  Families, children, adults, basically all Fans Of Lego, will discover something they enjoy doing with our extensive collection of bricks.  A few guests love to create from their imagination, others love to follow manuals building something expertly designed for them by Lego Masters, and a few others prefer to just play with the finished models!

To better accommodate all of these types of guests, Brick Barn is transitioning (as quickly as possible – but oh boy, picking bricks is not the quickest process) from the request-only Build-A-Set program to the new Ready-To-Build/Request-To-Build program.

So what does this mean for you, our guests?

Firstly, this means you will have more Lego set options available, ready to go, when you arrive at the Brick Barn.  Sets will be listed right on the sorting table as you walk in the door so you can pick and choose a theme, an age category, and what size of set you would like to assemble.

Our recommended age categories will be:

  • Under 6
  • 6+
  • 9+
  • 12+

Secondly, our prices will be simplified.  Each Ready-To-Build age category has one specific price regardless of the number of pieces or the theme.

  • For Under 6 it is $1 per set
  • For 6+ it is $2 per set
  • For 9+ it is $3 per set
  • For 12+ it is $5 per set

Thirdly, as a bonus for our growing list of Monthly Members, this extra fee will be waived!  Assembling one of our Ready-To-Build sets will be completely FREE if you are a member.

Fourthly, as the weeks go by we will be able to respond to trends in our guests changing interests and identify other sets from the collection which may be popular to build.  One exciting interactive part of this process will be a weekly Lego Set Battle Royale on our Facebook Page, where we will choose one set from the current Ready-To-Build list and pit it against two other cool sets from the sorted collection.  Whichever set wins the most votes will become the new, or continue to be, a Ready-To-Build option!

Finally, Request-To-Build will replace our old Build-A-Set program.  Each of the other 500+ sets not currently picked for the Ready-To-Build program will still be available but only by request (preferably through email or Facebook messenger) and only if you make that request at least one week prior to the date you plan on dropping into the shop to build it.  There will be some wiggle room if the set is small, but depending on the number of requests it is better to estimate one week.  Because of the time it takes to prepare a set for building the listed fee for Request-To-Build sets will be applicable to all guests.

Don’t forget if you start a big set and are unable to finish it, we will store it for up to two weeks before recycling it.  So don’t feel like you need to rush through a build.

We also plan on having a number of models already built for those guests who would rather simply play instead of build or create.  We hope to have, whether designed out of a guest’s creativity from the massive bin of Lego, or FUN Lego sets like the Giant Castle Chess and Simpsons House available.  Simply ask which of the display models are playable-friendly and we will gladly provide you with options.

This will take time to sort itself out.  Changes will also be made to our website to reflect the new allocation of sets to the Ready-To-Build program.  The new pricing will take effect Thursday, August 18th which is exactly 4 weeks since the Brick Barn opened its doors to our many amazing guests!  It has been a wonderful learning experience and we’ve received a ton of awesome feedback.  We always welcome further thoughts, ideas and suggestions especially as we approach the start of our second month of operation.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



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