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Springfield Insurance Rates On The Rise

August 12, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Yesterday was an awesome day.  So many happy faces (well except when it was time to leave for a few young guests).  We had over 14 guests scattered about the Brick Barn yesterday each building sets, being creative, and just having a lot of FUN.  Kids love to be able to display their models on the our display shelf!  They are so proud of their achievements.

EVERYthing got a thorough playing with… even the Lego Clocks!  Castle Chess is apparently far more fun as Castle Battle:



I think we’ve also narrowed down which American state the Simpson’s Springfield is located in!  Likely a gulf state, as not one but two hurricanes tore through the city yesterday.  Unfortunately, for Homer and co., their insurance rates sky rocketed after the second one and they were not able to afford all their furniture which was destroyed.  So the house was rebuilt, and rebuilt, but much of the “accessories” were way beyond repair.  However, Homer does still have his iconic couch and Itchy and Scratchy are still gracing the TV screen:



A few changes this week at the Brick Barn.  In order to help guests build sets on the comfortable carpet floor next to others diving into the massive bin of Lego, I have erected a small sitting wall (and yes please keep in mind it is for sitting on, not jumping over, not jumping off of, not using as stools 🙂 ) to designate the free-for-all Lego from the area to build sets!



This way I know I will get all my pieces back for each set guests build while creative chaos may continue unabated in the Lego pile of FUN.

I also want to pre-announce (I will have a more detailed post later today or tomorrow) one of my larger changes which is providing several pre-sorted sets for our coming Ready To Build option.  As mentioned previously, having sets still in boxes turned out to be super useful for guests who just wanted to assemble by a Lego manual.  Unfortunately, I have now run out of those sets.  So I have been picking pieces for several days now adding to the number of options available.


Sets for the younger kids



Sets for the older kids


By next Thursday, I expect to be able to officially launch Ready To Build / Request To Build as the official set building process at the Brick Barn.  BUT, what I really want to highlight for this week is that Ready To Build sets will still be FREE for all guests, but starting next Thursday Ready To Build sets will only be FREE for Monthly Members.  Daily and Weekly guests will have to pay a small fee ($1 – $5) in addition to their admission.  The price change simply reflects the time it takes to pick the parts, check the models for missing pieces and disassemble them for future use.

Beautiful rain out there today!  The farmers must be breathing a sigh of relief as those fields really need the moisture.  I sure hope you will consider us as a destination today to have a bit of FUN and creativity under the clouds.

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