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August 12, 2016 Uncategorized 0

There were a couple of young guests from Ontario here today, and you know what, some youngsters just happen to be players not builders.  That’s okay too at the Brick Barn.  These two guys were so keen on the Lego Chess Set that they spent nearly all their time battling good versus bad and creating stories for their castle minions to inhabit.  Somehow during all the mayhem, Chief Wiggum found himself in a rather unfortunate situation:


Their responsible adult was left to finish building Moltor’s Lava Smasher on her own!  But that seemed to be just fine by her as she pressed on to finish what will likely become a Nexo Knights classic set.

We also had repeat visitors who continued to build another creator set.  This time it was #31048 Lakeside Lodge:



So very Canadian with the brick built moose!  Although the set probably could do with a brick built beaver as well and maybe one of my lumber jack torsos.  Then he’d be okay. 🙂 (right?  right? see what I did there… Monty Python fans?…)

Anyway, while Lakeside Lodge was being finished, a new set, brand new to the shop this week, was assembled.  The very detailed and beautiful Belle’s Enchanted Castle.



This is a spectacular set with all the characters you would expect.  I would highly recommend giving this one a build when you come by the shop.

Finally, I finished picking pieces for two sets on opposite ends of the Lego Spectrum, but both have their own charm.  One guest has requested to build the amazing and motorized Grand Carousel!  Expect to see a few pictures of this wonderful set on display in the coming weeks.  Yet, at more than 3000+ bricks, it may take a while to complete.  On the other side of the range, I pulled together another smaller set for our younger guests, which happens to be one of my all time favorites, 1990’s Solo Trainer.



It is as much FUN to build as it is to fly around the room.  If anyone chooses to build it I will pull out the runway baseplates to provide a place to take off from!

Going to be a great weekend at the Brick Barn.  Hope you will join us!



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