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We wrapped up last week at the Brick Barn with lots of great guests.  I learned more than I ever thought I would about Godzilla including his regenerative double brain (one is in his butt – good spot for a brain fart), his massive size and his blue fusion flame breathe.  My young guest even built a model of Godzilla to demonstrate all his cool biology.


It also turns out that despite it being a small moon (that’s no moon, that’s a space station!) Godzilla would in fact win a fight with the Death Star!  You can learn so many interesting facts from children.

His younger brother also enjoyed creative play in the massive bin of Lego, building his own version of a flame throwing Godzilla clone.


Notice his shield of protection preventing the attacking unicorn chariot from dealing any damage!  But then again if Godzilla can destroy the Death Star what fear should a clone have of a unicorn on wheels?  Apparently this clonezilla can shoot its flames through the shielding as the wheel of the chariot is on fire.

We also had another guest finish the Minecraft Jungle Tree House.  This 700+ brick set has many interesting features hidden amid the blocks.  Check out the waterfall elevator when you drop in this week.


We also saw the completion of the Kwik-E-Mart model which is now proudly on display this week.



Apu’s shop from the Simpson’s show is absolutely packed with details including a frozen Jasper!


My young builder’s favorite part was the squishy machine, and I have to agree the model designer did a very good job replicating the iconic machine.


This is definitely worth a visit to appreciate.  We will be opening today at Noon.  Thursdays through to Mondays.

Hope to see you soon!

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