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August 7, 2016 Uncategorized 1

It was a busy day at the Brick Barn yesterday!  We had our first customers moments after opening at Noon and one family stayed nearly to close at 9PM.  Several sets were assembled and are now on display.

There was the Lego Ideas Back to the Future set put together by one huge fan of the movie trilogy.


Unfortunately, the feedback on the set was not the most positive.  Nostalgia aside, the build itself is a bit of a shell with few exciting aspects.  However, it may have spurred him on to build his own Delorean creation in a future visit.

One of the new City sets was also assembled.  The Lego Ferry is a great set especially for anyone who recently travelled by ferry to PEI.  It has roll-on roll-off hinged ramps for easy loading and unloading.  The Delorean also fits on deck, but since it is capable of flying, a ferry is hardly needed.


For those who avoided the ferry this summer and took the Confederation Bridge, I also have in the collection its little English cousin, Tower Bridge, but please give me at least a week to pick the bricks to this 4200+ brick behemoth!

One of our new enthusiastic young builders assembled 31052 Creator Caravan.  Like all creator series builds there are alternative models including a yacht and a summer house.


There is an excellent detailed interior including slide out sleeping bed, storage bay and the back opens up for additional play.  It even has a roll out awning for shade.  It is a must see and will be available next week to build again.


The set also includes a boat for fishing, a trailer to tow it and a very tasty, delicious, odiferous fish to catch.  Um….


I also began picking pieces for another new guest who would like to assembled the beautiful 2009 Advanced Model Grand Carousel.  So far I’ve got all the white pieces together.  Because there are 3200+ bricks, we are doing the Color Sort Service for this one.


Several other sets are currently in various stages of being built by other guests.  Everything that gets built, whether from the massive bin or one of our many sets, will be displayed for everyone to enjoy for the week until Recycling Tuesday when they get disassembled and returned into the collection to eventually be built again by other guests!

Speaking of Build-A-Set, based on valuable feedback from my guests, next week I will announce some streamlining changes to the Build-A-Set process.  It is pretty clear that having a number of sets on hand to build will be helpful for those guests who prefer to follow a manual.  A big bin of Lego can be daunting for some and having other options already to go will be a new direction Brick Barn will move toward.

Hope to see you soon at Brick Barn!

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  1. Chantal says:

    There’s even a fold up table, two chairs and a barbecue stored on the roof! Lots of detail!

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