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August 7, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Today saw the return of our Weekly Pass guests from yesterday.  One young builder finished her Creator Lighthouse project.  It has a light brick, whale and some great details.



She carried on today with two really cool builds.  The all new Fun in the Park which features the first Lego Baby and a wheelchair!  But it is also packed with other great pieces like hotdog buns.


Finally she also chose a Limited Edition Christmas Train set to build which despite being August was still fun to assemble.


I like the sign.  Presumably it is pointing to the north pole?  Although, there are already a lot of presents in that one train car so maybe it is pointing to one of your houses for an early delivery?

Our other young expert builder showed such ability yesterday tackling the Caravan that it seemed fitting for her to arrive today intent on building the biggest set I had (still in a box).  Careful what you wish for!  I pulled out the huge 4000+ piece Big Ben model.  Not exactly in her age range as it is a 16+ Advanced Model.  However, she did end up tackling the mega build Simpson’s Kwik-E-Mart!  In just around 4 hours of effort, she skillfully managed to assemble more than half the model!  We will have detailed pictures once it is finished and on display later this week.  Thank you, come again!

Joining into the building mood was their older sister who had not had much experience with Lego in the past, however, showing an interest in Harry Potter (she was reading the new book yesterday), I suggested #4840 The Burrow!  I picked the pieces out of the collection last night and she proceeded to complete the model this afternoon.  She also selected Hagrid’s Hut as a follow up build when she has a chance to return to the Brick Barn.


Finally, today saw the return of the family’s biggest Lego fan… possibly disputed… Who got into the massive bin of Lego and managed to assemble some really amazing star ships!  I was really happy to have a true AFOL in the shop this weekend and I really look forward to future visits!  His models will be on display through to next weekend before returning to the bin to be smashed and crashed by our young enthusiastic fans.  I hope you’ll come by to check out his creativity before they suffer a horrible reentry.


Wide Body Ship with Laser Turret



In Star Fox fashion the pilot is a Frog… or maybe the frog is a dashboard bobblehead?



A Very Slick Fighter Design




I can’t wait to see what the rest of you build!  Open again tomorrow at Noon.  Last day this week until Thursday so drop in and check out all the great models on display!

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