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Skateboarding Knights and the Ninjago Master

August 1, 2016 Uncategorized 2

New friends called in to the Brick Barn yesterday!  A wonderful family with two young boys who could not contain their excitement to be in a shop full of Lego.  It was awesome to be apart of their afternoon of joy.

I was schooled in the arts of Airjitzu because much of the play was focused on the Temple of Airjitzu set.


The amount of information my young Ninjago Master knew about the characters, their backstory and the temple itself was amazing.  And his knowledge didn’t end there, for as he helped with the construction of the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, he reminded me of all the characters and ghosts in that set and then excitedly urged me to reserve him a new Nexo Knights set to build the next time he visits!  I’m sure I will soon be learning all the names of those characters too!

In the meantime, his younger brother ran about finding “bad guys” to populate the all “good guy” temple set so it was suddenly overrun with ogres and wizards from the Giant Castle Chess set.  Apparently, some of the knights discovered skateboarding during the afternoon?


Since I happen to be picking pieces to the Ideas Back to the Future set I’m going to blame Marty Mcfly for the introduction.

Treats were enjoyed, FUN was had and I am certain I will see my new friends again in the future.

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  1. Haley Zavo says:

    We had such an amazing time yesterday – and the boys have repeatedly been saying ‘Wasn’t the Brick Barn amazing? We’re going to go back, right?”
    Indeed – we’ll be back!

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