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Build A Set: Disassemble A Set

July 29, 2016 Uncategorized 0

A few curious visitors dropped by the Brick Barn today.  I hope to see more of you this weekend!

With much of my brick sorting nearly finished it is time to have a whole bunch of fun this weekend.  Therefore, I will be tackling 75827:


Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters is a behemoth 4600+ brick set.  It is filled with great surprises, characters, ghosts and of course Slimer.  With a detailed interior and interesting brick-facade exterior, this should be a fantastic build.  If you are interested in checking out the progress or even helping add a few bricks while you are here drop in this weekend!  With persistence, I should actually get it finished by the end of Sunday!

Today also saw the first Build A Set request from an upcoming guest.  Apparently, back in 2008, he missed the chance to buy and build the 7676 Republic Attack Gunship (which has actually been reproduced a couple of times over the years in different Lego sets).  It made much more sense to him to experience this build at the Brick Barn for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one aftermarket on Ebay ($150+).   So today, I carefully found all 1034 bricks from the collection and added them together in a big bin ready to be built when he arrives on a future day.


However, for most guests a bin of 1000+ bricks would be a bit daunting so remember I also provide a Colour Sort Service, for an added cost, where I will separate the bricks by color and size into smaller bins for an easier build.

Just a reminder, the Morell Farmers Market is tomorrow!  Crust and Crumb’s baker extraordinaire will be selling her wares.  Cookies, muffins and of course the popular CinnaYums will be available.  Chantal will also be attending the Downtown Farmers Market in Charlottetown on Sunday if you are unable to drop-in to Morell.

Finally, I need to make space on the Brick Barn display shelf for upcoming builds and, of course, guest’s creativity.  So this weekend will be the last opportunity to check out the fully built sets of the beautiful 70751 Temple of Airjitzu and the various Castle Theme sets from 2013 including 70404 King’s Castle.  On Recycling Tuesday, I will be disassembling these sets and returning them to the collection.

Have a great weekend whatever your plans and I hope you can find a hour or two in your busy schedules to check out our new shop!



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