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July 28, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Some exciting changes to start a new week. As the day progresses there will be a couple of small announcements made here and linked to Facebook. Yet the biggest change, as a result of feedback from guests as well as a need to simplify our pricing strategy, is – Brick Barn is now $6 per playing guest per day. Come and go as you like from Noon to 9PM for just $6. Adults, of course, will still play for free when accompanied by a responsible child! In fact, I highly encourage adults to join in with the fun despite the comfortable couch, coffees and tasty treats.

Another addition to the Brick Barn this week is SOCKS!


Summer and socks do not seem to coexist well and instead of guests being turned away, we felt it was a much more accommodating policy to have a selection of boy’s, girl’s, men’s and women’s socks available.  So now, if you happen to forget a spare set of socks during your busy day, our Bridgekeeper…


…will only frown and shake his head, but he will still allow you to pass unhindered.

Three great sets arrived this week and are available to build by whoever wants to give them a try.  Building each of them is FREE for monthly members and $2 in addition to the daily or weekly admission for non-members.


Ocean Explorer for Ages 7+


Detailed City Garbage Truck Ages 5+


Drive On Drive Off Ferry! Ages 6+

Fantastic selection of baked goods from Crust and Crumb today.  CinnaYums, blueberry muffins, lemon poppy seed muffins, oatmeal cranberry cookies, chocolate chip cookies and rice krispy squares are available alongside a wide selection of steeped teas, Kruger coffees, hot chocolates, juice and pop!

Finally, we have 7 coupons available for those of you who may be travelling to a North American Legoland Resort or Legoland Discovery Center this summer.  The coupon provides one free adult or child entrance ticket with purchase of a separate full price ticket.  Drop in and grab one if you believe it will be of use to you and your family.


A few more tidbits will follow later this afternoon.  I look forward to having many excited and creative guests to the Brick Barn this week!

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