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“Do you host parties?”

So far, this has been either the first or second question every visitor asks when they enter the Brick Barn.

“Yes!” is now the answer.

Although we are still organizing ourselves to be able to accommodate parties (Birthday or otherwise), we are now able to share with you our Party @ the Brick Barn pricing.

example cake

There are 4 time slots each day Thursday through Monday.

Outside regular business hours we offer:

  • Early Bird: 9AM to Noon
    • Private Party: $30 for a maximum 8 adults and 12 children*

During regular business hours we offer:

  • Early Afternoon: Noon to 3PM
  • Late Afternoon: 3PM to 6PM
  • Evening: 6PM to 9PM
    • Public Party: $30 for a maximum 3 adults and 6 children
    • Private Party: $50 for a maximum 8 adults and 12 children*

600 square feet of floor space


Seating area which we can reorganize into any configuration that suits your party


Thousands of bricks to keep guests thoroughly entertained and creative


So what is included in the fee?

  • 3 hours of FUN at the Brick Barn
    • Private parties have exclusive access
    • Public parties are provided a party space but share Lego with other guests
  • Don’t worry about having to clean up after you’re finished
  • Chilled water and drinking cups included
  • Brick Barn themed invitations available on request
  • Onsite staff available for limited assistance as needed during your party
  • Crust and Crumb treats and beverages available at extra cost


Please don’t hesitate to ask for additional services.

  • Would you like us to grab some Greco Pizza?
  • Find someone to provide a Lego theme cake?
  • Order in Lego sets or bricks for guests to take home after the party?

We may be able to accommodate your needs! Extra charges may be required.

*Note: Although we have seating for 8 adults and 12 children this does not necessarily mean 20 people will be comfortable together in the Brick Barn.  A party for 8 adults will be comfortable as would a party of 12 children with three supervising adults.  However, check out our space for yourself because everyone has different opinion on space requirements.
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