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Week Wrap Up

July 25, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Well it is the end of Brick Barn’s first business week of operation.  I met lots of interesting guests, enjoyed great conversations, shared tasty treats from Crust and Crumb, watched everyone’s unique creativity with Lego and simply was pleased with spreading a bit of joy into the world.

I loved the different reactions people had upon entering the Brick Barn for the first time.  From those reasonably thinking I sold actual bricks only to discover bricks of a different kind, to adults becoming nostalgic while looking at the displays of my old toys.  Then there were the young girls playing with the Lego Simpson’s House, knowing all the characters and everyone’s rooms, and other guests who just stared agape at the wall of bins with their hundreds of thousands of pieces and the iconic Star Wars models hanging from the ceiling.  But it was the kids and their parents diving into the massive pile of Lego on the floor, hunting for just the right pieces, then arguing among themselves who should have this piece or that piece upon discovery, and then proudly showing off their builds, which made the whole project for me a success.


However, the Brick Barn still requires some additional refinement and I was provided with a lot of excellent feedback, reactions, and ideas of what to adjust moving forward.  I will take these next two days to mull over some changes and additions to the business and will provide an update before we open again on Thursday.

Thank you again to all our guests this week!  I am very much looking forward to the coming weeks.

See you next week!  Opening again Thursday, July 28 @ Noon!


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