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Lego Angels and Dog Tackling

July 24, 2016 Uncategorized 0

We had several visitors to the Brick Barn today.  Some people were checking out the facility for the first time discovering what we are all about – pure, creative fun with Lego!  Others were returning guests. We even had a family in from Thunder Bay, Ontario and we had a lot of fun with Dawn and the very energetic Ella!  A game of Lego Giant Castle Chess was undertaken by daughter and mother.  Ella built a cool car…


We all seemed to agree it looked very much like a zoo tram for tourists.  Watch out for that spider, I think it got out of its cage!



Ella and Dawn also found a new way to play with… er, um IN Lego…


Lego Angel – Just like a Snow Angel but a lot pokier!


They even gave their angel a happy face!

Ella even tried to build Park Animals, today’s FREE build.  It was a bit of a challenge.  Lego really knows their age suggestions and this set’s suggested range was 6-12.  She worked through the ducklings and with help the duck.  But instead of tackling the dog, she made a home in our massive Lego tub after sweeping out her front porch.


Just love watching kids and adults have fun at the Brick Barn.  Lots of good food, drinks and of course Lego to enjoy!  Oh yes, and apparently the Moccachino and Cappuccino options were very enjoyable so consider them as an option when you drop in.  Still two free coffees available to those who want to provide their feedback: Timothy’s Columbian and Starbucks House Blend.  Hope to see you soon!

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