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July 23, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Crust and Crumb during Morell River Festival

Chantal is at the Morell Farmers Market! Come check out our table if you didn’t get a chance to last week at the River Festival.  It is open from 9am to 1pm.  She has lots of treats to try and we hope you will love our baking.

If you can’t make it out to the market this morning but still want a snack for the beach drop in at the Brick Barn and grab a muffin, cookie or CinnaYum.  I’ve got a few to choose from that didn’t get swept away to market!


I will be mostly sorting previously built sets into the collection today so if you are interested in how I organize 300,000 pieces of Lego I will be more than happy to share my tips and strategies.  It helps a lot when trying to find one single unique piece in all those bins.

Finally I will be ordering some minifigures for our Massive Tub through Lego’s Pick-A-Brick service!  Bulk Lego is often stripped of their minifigures for separate sale so I was disappointed to discover there were very few characters to populate the trucks and space ships being built.  It is likely I will turn to Facebook later today and ask for opinions as to which heads, torsos and legs you think guest will want to add to their models!

Please remember I would prefer socks on the carpet.  I know its summer and sandals are the go to shoe of choice, but we would appreciate you cooperation.  Hopefully next week we will have a little bin of socks in case you forget.

I look forward to seeing all our guests today.  Opening at Noon!



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