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July 23, 2016 Uncategorized 2

Quiet day at the Brick Barn today.  So I took advantage of the cool air conditioning and vigorously worked the upper body muscles, primarily the fingers, picking and flinging thousands of bricks from a big chaotic bin into smaller slightly less chaotic bins.


For those who might be interested, and of course who isn’t, my sorting system involves 3 key phases.

Phase 1:

During the deconstruction of a model the pieces are carefully separated into two distinct large tubs.  One of these large tubs contains all the pieces destined for the big red top bins along the wall of the shop while the second tub holds the pieces for the small white bins.  So on a day like today where I can really spend time on sorting I pick a large tub and start a secondary sort.

Phase 2:

This is the longest and most tedious step.  Each large tub is separated into 14 medium bins by category.  In the case of red top bins, the 14 categories are each of the main colors plus technic type parts.  Today I happened to choose the large tub containing white bin bricks which itself has 14 categories with descriptive names like “plants, animals and robots”…


… “people parts and equipment”…


… “windows and doors”…


… or the more obscure “bricks that change direction”.


Phase 3:

Once the large tub is empty and I have 14 full medium bins, the bricks are then sorted a third time into their specific destination on the shelf.


Now I know you are all thinking, “He’s crazy”, and you’d be right, but at some point every Lego fan is confronted with a collector’s dilemma… do you take the time before you build to ensure you can find the specific pieces you need OR do you spend oodles of time and frustration combing through tubs and tubs of Lego trying in vain to find one single unique part?  Like, for example, and upside down computer screen which looks just like the thousand blue upside down slopes in the collection.  HOW many times have I picked up a brick I thought was the right one only to turn it over, realize nope, and toss it back.  You can clearly see which side of the dilemma my decision landed!

So now with a well organized collection, I am able to provide a unique service to other fans of Lego providing them an experience heavy in the FUN and light in the frustration.  I hope to see you enjoying the Lego collection here at the Brick Barn soon.

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  1. Myrtle says:

    I think I would need a bottle of advil long before I got to phase 3 lol

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