Brick Barn

First Day Fun!

July 21, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Nearly finished our first day of FUN at the Brick Barn.  Met a few new people and enjoyed the afternoon with good friends!

CinnaYums were popular!  And apparently Laura Secord makes the best K-cup hot chocolate while McCafe K-cups are an excellent coffee option when you visit.


Cody built an awesome low orbit landing craft from the mixed pieces of the giant tub.


Full Ship with Research Base attached for transport



Drop Base separated from main ship. On landing wings have two hinged landing legs for support.



Awesome cockpit has two crew with loads of computer screens to fly and monitor load delivery.

Chris on the other hand decided to replicate his work on the Brick Barn but in Lego this time!  I assume I will be getting another bill in the mail for this build!


Chantal chose an entirely different directions by assembling colors together in an artistic flurry.



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