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Not A Coffee Drinker

July 20, 2016 Uncategorized 0

We  offer a number of beverage options for purchase at the Brick Barn so you may quench your thirst after an epic creative play session.  However, unlike most of you, we are not coffee drinkers.  So when we are faced with:


We have no idea what brews well in a Kruger 2.0 K-cup hot beverage maker?!?  We have our favorite hot chocolate option.  And we have a kettle for our favorite teas.  But we are clueless as to what coffee pods actually taste good.

So this means we need our customer’s help.  In order to narrow down which brands of K-cups to stock in the future, we are offering our future coffee drinking guests to join us this week ONLY, July 21 to July 25, to try any one K-cup coffee pod we have in stock for FREE.

The catch?

You do need to buy something in addition to getting a free coffee whether it is a Brick Barn membership, or an hour’s play session or even just a cookie or muffin.  But most importantly, we want your feedback regarding the quality of the brew you try for FREE.  Should we continue to stock it or something else.

If there are any future guests out there who are actually familiar with K-cup coffee options please add your comments here, on our facebook page or perhaps the best option, drop in this week and get your FREE coffee and then tell us all you know!

FREE coffee week at the Brick Barn!

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