Brick Barn

Building the Brick Barn

July 20, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Literally hundreds of hours have been poured into the construction of the Brick Barn.  From conception to design (including a 3D pop up paper model) and from framing to finishing many individuals helped assemble the building.  And no the plans were not purchased from Lego.

We wish to thank and show our appreciation for the incredible talents of Chris Batchilder of C. B. Construction!  A true jack of all trades.

Also thank you to the awesome efforts of Cody MacCormack who took time away from family and farming to pitch in whenever he could.

Both guys had many great ideas as construction progressed.  Brick Barn would not be the same without their creativity and ingenuity.

Also thank you to D. MacEwen for electrical work, Refridgeration Specialists for installing the invaluable heat pump for these warm summer afternoon, A+J Insulating for excellent work, Island Eco Foam for braving the tight space beneath the building, and Kennedy metals for supplying a great solid roof.

Enjoy a tribute to the construction team!

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